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The needs of Adjustment Period

The adjustment period program is necessary for a child to get acquainted and become comfortable with the new environment. Being put to an unfamiliar environment with other children away from the child’s family at home can be a big contributing factor for young child’s stress. For a young child, gradual increase of hours at the center (away from parents) is very important in adjusting to the new circumstances. Having a parent or a care giver with whom a child has already formed attachment in the classroom together, the child finds it easier to eventually adjust to the life at the center interacting with teacher and peers. Until a child adjusts to the center life, a child may attribute his/her isolation with parents or care giver to a teacher, possibly causing a child to have hostile feelings toward the teacher. Especially for toddlers before age of three, stable and sustainable child care is required since basic physical and emotional stability is formed during this period. Therefore, parents should keep in mind that a child needs good quality and amount of time spent with parents together in the class in the beginning of the year.


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